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Disclaimer: This is not an official GSB Gold Standard Bank service. We are a group of independent blockchain developers willing to help the community in the smooth setup of the G999 Blockchain Masternodes. We are fully endorsed by the company and your assets are safe with us. After the setup of the server you will receive full root access.

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GSDeFi Configuration

This package is destinated for people that have dificulties in setting up the address for GSDeFi.

Price: 0.00157201 BTC / 0.02628618 ETH

USDT: 49.99

Masternode Reconfiguration

This package is destinated for the people that had dificulties in reinstalling their Desktop Wallets and reconfigure their Masternodes.

Price: 0.00471697 BTC / 0.07887431 ETH

USDT: 150

Missed Appointment

Reasons for rescheduling the meeting: | Not joining the meeting on time | Not having the wallet installed | Not having the wallet syncronised | Answering the meeting from another device than from the one in which you have the wallet installed Note: we need remote access to your computer

Price: 0.00094339 BTC / 0.01577486 ETH

USDT: 30


G999 Wallet

750050 G999

Masternode Fee: 749999 G999

Transaction Fee: 51 G999

Please send 750050 G999 to this address:

G999 TX ID



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G999 TX ID

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GS Trade Registration Email

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